Pendulum Holders
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Pendulum Holder with Moving Eyes

The Pendulum Holder with Moving Eyes is crafted to securely support pendulum weights while incorporating a unique feature of animated moving eyes.

Expertly designed, this holder introduces an element of whimsy and personality to any pendulum clock or decorative piece.
『Patent Pending』
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Its robust construction ensures stable support for pendulum weights, while the moving eyes feature brings a playful charm.

Invest in the Pendulum Holder with Moving Eyes for a delightful and practical addition to your timekeeping or decorative ensemble.

The Dynamic Creative Animal Clock comes to life with its enchanting moving eyes and tail, infusing a sense of playfulness into your surroundings.
『Patent Pending』
Pendulum Holder With Moving Eyes Dimension: 185W×85H×34.5D
NO Distance of Eyes Description
12888DH1A-B 36.9mm or 56.9mm Max. Pendulum Weight: 100g.
Max. Pendulum Lenght: 40cm
Min. Pendulum Weight 10g ( AT pendulum weight is 0cm).