Pendulum Clock


Adjustable Speed Pendulum Wall Clock

Adjustable Speed Pendulum Wall Clock - Your Time, Your Way!

Elevate your living space with the sophisticated charm of the Adjustable Speed Pendulum Wall Clock, meticulously crafted by Young Town. This ingenious creation seamlessly transforms an ordinary clock into a captivating pendulum masterpiece, all in one seamless unit.
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Designed by Young Town, this Adjustable Speed Pendulums Holder w/hanger can turn a standard clock movement into a pendulum one by putting them together.

The clock part also comes with a hanger, which could be easily mounted on the wall. Also the Pendulums Holder of Fixed Speed could be Customized Swing at Different Speeds by Adding Weight at Various Locations.

Since standard clock movements and pendulum holders are powered respectively by two batteries, this module has long-lasting battery life.
* Material: MDF 5mm
* Module: Adjustable Pendulum, 12888DS1K
* Size: 296*392*55mm
* Power Source: 2pcs AA battery(UM-3) -not included
* Swing Speed: Slow 25~30 times /minute, Normal 60 times /minute