Pendulum Clock


Dynamic Creative Animal Clock

Dynamic Creative Animal Clock comes to life with its captivating moving eyes and tail, adding a touch of playfulness to your surroundings.

Upgrade your home with the Dynamic Creative Animal Clock – where timekeeping evolves into an experience. Embrace the fusion of creativity and functionality.
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* Dynamic Creative: Moving Eyes
* Mute Sweeping: No ticking, sweet sleep, quartz movement.
* Easy to Operate: The clock requires only two batteries to operate and can let you see the time at any time.
* Decorative Clock: Except for timekeeping, it can also decorate your home or room thanks to its cute shape design. Kids will love this!
* Wooden Wall Clock: Made of wooden MDF material, no frame nor glass cover. No need to worry about breaking and getting hurt especially for children.
* Material: MDF 5mm
* Movement: 12888DH1
* Size: 284*189*52mm
* Power Source: 2 AA battery/ UM-3 (not included)